Tourism South Sumatra Indonesia


is one of the provinces in Inonesia that has so much diversity baim cultures, customs and sights. Many attractions are cool in south Sumatra Indonesia. In this province there are many good choices tours mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and plantation tours.

Here are some attractions that can be visited:

  • Tea Gardens tourist attraction. Tourism is located in the district of the province of natural fences sumsel Indonesia. Distance from the city by road Plembang 7 jm. the trip.

  • Waterfall tourism object. In Indonesia there are 4 sumsel waterfall that has been opened as a tourist attraction. 2 in the district dareh natural fence, two in the district Enim estuary. The following is a waterfall Bedegung District Muara Enim South Sumatra Indonesia
  • Princess Cave attractions. This attraction is located in the Balfour district of the city of Palembang mileage 4 jm. travel by land vehicles.

  • Ranau Lake attractions. Water attraction is located in the district of OKU, the distance from the city of Palembang 6 jm. road trip

  • Drought Island attractions. This tour is located in the city of Palembang along musi river. This tour is narrated as a first love island lovers.

Welcome to South Sumatra, Indonesia. We are ready to welcome you, to establish a brotherhood. and this is sumatra south with its diversity

By gunawanhendri

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